We specialize in translations of scientific publications between Polish and English in the following fields:

  • biochemistry, biotechnology and genetics,
  • animal bioengineering (poultry science and poultry production, environmental hygiene, cattle and pig breeding, fish breeding and farming, fur-bearing animal breeding and fur farming, commodity science, animal nutrition and feed science),
  • biology (botany, ecology, physiology, environmental microbiology),
  • chemistry (agricultural chemistry, environmental chemistry),
  • education, psychology and sociology,
  • economics (market analyses, marketing, microeconomics, business administration and management),
  • geodesy (spatial management and engineering, cadastres, regional planning and development),
  • history
  • mechanical engineering,
  • medicine and veterinary medicine (anatomy, surgery, clinical diagnostics, pharmacology, feed hygiene, pathophysiology, radiology),
  • environmental protection (soil protection, air protection, nature conservation, environmental toxicology),
  • agriculture (entomology, phytopathology, soil science, plant breeding, grassland science, land improvement, horticulture, plant pathophysiology, plant production),

  • food technology (food analyses, food biotechnology and microbiology, dairy science, processing raw materials of plant origin and meat processing, human nutrition),

Our standard translation page is 1800 characters, including spaces, for non-certified translations and 1125 characters, including spaces, for certified translations. Characters are counted in the translated document.
We also revise and proof-read documents written in English.
We work with native speakers of English and certified translators. Before reaching the client, every translated documented is revised by another translator.

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